Restraint Straps

We stock a complete range of bent, twist and straight restraint straps in all sizes, we buy from BPC, one of the UK' top manufacturers of metalwork, so you know that you're getting quality metalwork made to British industry standards. Made from pre-galvanised mild steel, our restraint straps are suitable for connecting roofing and timber floor to masonry walls.

Among our range of straps you will find light duty and heavy duty, suitable for various applications. Heavy duty straps are used for horizontal restraint of roof joists, trusses or rafters attached onto masonry walls. Light duty straps range between 2 to 2.5mm thick and are usually fixed vertically to masonry walls.

When choosing a bent strap, it is important to know that the length refers to the total length of the strap.

The most common fixing for restraint straps are sheradised square twist nails. You will find fixing holes all along every type of wall strap to ensure that they are fixed securely.